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For information on the speaking and sponsorship opportunities at our 2023 summit, please contact Sarah Kingham on

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With eye square, you will learn how to influence purchase decisions at every point of the shopper journey, online or in-store!

Established in 1999, eye square has become a global leader in human experience technology, providing numerous groundbreaking tech-based services in market research. 

We service the areas of user experience, shopper experience and brand and media research. While conventional market research remains on the surface, our unique methods combine psychology, science and state-of-the-art technology to capture and analyze real (neuro-biological), explicit and implicit reactions of your customers in numerous settings. We show you not only what happens – but why. 


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7. Shalion Logo.png

At Shalion, we make growth simple for global brands looking to win the lion’s share in eCommerce.

We go beyond traditional Digital Shelf analytics, with our integrated solution we also help our clients measure the success of their eRetail Media campaigns by monitoring their Ads, Search results (organic or paid), their share of shelf and promotional activity across the top retailer sites worldwide.

Our flexibility and experienced team allow us to adapt fast to the evolving landscape and that’s why we are proud to say we launch new features every month, like our innovative solutions to monitor Q-Commerce Apps and Amazon Market Share. 


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